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iPM 360° Smartphone Spy Lens Attachment

LizaTech 360 Smartphone Spy Lens Attachment


  • Take photos at nearly any angle
  • Shoot straight ahead with your phone held horizontally
  • Swivels 360°
  • Attaches to most smartphones via a magnetic ring
  • Condition: new
This New Angle Smartphone Spy Lens mounts magnetically on your phone's existing lens and allows for operation form a horizontal handheld or lay-flat position with 360° swivel. It's great for getting shots from down low without making it entirely clear you're snapping one, and same goes for setting it up on a stable, flat surface and getting self-timer selfies and group pics. It's also a good choice for use in environments where you may not always be on stable footing, like on a boat. Guaranteed you're going to have fun with it no matter how you put it to use, so grab this great deal and expand on your phone photo and video capabilities in a big way!

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