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LizaTech Recording Earphone for iPhone

LizaTech Recording Earphone for iPhone


With the iPM Recording Earphone your iPhone can have the call recorder function. When you don’t need the recording function, it is the same as common earphones; you can wear it to listen music.


- Put the recording pen into earphone, to hide the function of the record pen in the earphone.
- The iPM Recording Earphone contains all the components of the recording pen, and has the basic function of the earphone. There is the answer key and microphone.
- 2 buttons on side, used for recording, broadcast, delete, and other functions.
- After the completion of the recording, the user can play directly through the earphone, and can open the phone recorder to record again.
- Built-in SD card is for storing the recording. If the user needs a larger capacity, it can be changed, but the shell needs to be opeend.
- Built-in rechargeable lithium battery (supports 5 hours of continuous recording), and Micro USB interface for charging and data transmission.
- The user can directly copy out the files of SD card by connecting with computer via USB interface.
- Press the REC button, in the middle of the earphone. Begins to record when you hear a sound, there will be a red LED flashing light. Press again, will sound twice to stop recording.

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