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iPM Super Warm Rechargeable Heated Thermo-Gloves

LizaTech Super Warm Rechargeable Heated Thermo-Gloves


iPM’s Rechargeable Heated Gloves are great everyday gloves with powerful heating elements that warm your entire hand to the finger tips. These premium gloves provide heat that is strategically placed to warm the area of the hands that suffer the most from the cold. Engineered to heat the entire length of each finger, including the thumb to prevent numb, chilled hands. These gloves will allow you to forget about the cold and let you focus more on enjoying your time outdoors.

  • Modified enhanced affordable electric gloves
  • Built-in pocket zipper battery
  • Cloth fiber fever
  • Fever back area
  • Palm hand non-slip
  • Special chain wristbands
  • Battery bag
  • 3.7v
  • 2200mah

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