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iPM Winter Warm Outdoor Heated Gloves With 3 Levels

LizaTech Winter Warm Outdoor Heated Gloves With 3 Levels


Product Features:

Innovative Design: Even heating for five fingers and each finger could feel warm.

Intelligent Temperature Control: Adopts the intelligent IC with safe circuit design; simple & convenient to use.

Safe and Energy-Saving: 3.7V low voltage Lithium Polymer battery

Working Hours: Can last for 6-8 Hours


Care & Maintenance Instructions:

-Do not dry clean

-Wash slightly to clean the surface with a soft washing powder

-Let dry naturally

-Re-charge battery every 3 months if not using for long periods of time to maintain usage time.

-Store at room temperature

-To ensure product quality please use original accessories – DO NOT use gloves with another brand’s accessories

-Guidance is needed for children or those sensitive to heat

-Do not drag or pull the wire to connect or remove from battery to avoid any damage to battery or gloves

-Do not use the battery for other products

-Do not use the battery if there is swelling or leakage

-Please recycle the batteries properly according to local regulations

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