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Reusable Coloring Placemats (Set of 2) With 2 Markers!

Reusable Coloring Placemats (Set of 2) With 2 Markers!


Turn dinner time into fun time! Have your kids stay entertained before, during and after meals with this fun drawing and activity space. The Amazing Washable Coloring Placemat!
Now waiting for dinner can be fun! These bright chalkboard place mats can be doodled on over and over again. Just draw, wipe off and draw again. You can also play tic-tac-toe, and parents can leave messages for their kids in the morning wishing them luck on the test - or reminding them to eat their veggies
Reusable coloring placemat that helps provides fun at mealtime at home or on the go
Cleans up for next use with a quick wipe down--also dishwasher safe
made of Eco-friendly PP material
California 65
thickness 500 microns,
size 12''x17''

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